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We produce innovative climate management products designed and developed based on the specific needs of the environment.

We combine ventilation, cooling and lighting systems to improve environmental conditions

100% Made in Italy technology.

We design and manufacture completely in Italy, in our reality located in Brescia, ventilation, cooling and photoperiod systems.
Our products contribute to the improvement of companies’ production performance and maximize energy efficiency by showing themselves as green allies for a more responsible ecological impact.

Design and inner shovel workmanship

Ceiling fans and duct fans

Original management systems

The industry's most innovative control unit

The most advanced system for managing your facility

Managed with RS485 protocol modbus signal line, it can control up to 250 individually manageable units for timely use.

Remote maintenance and support

Centralized control

Also from smartphones

Our products

We design and develop ventilation, cooling and photoperiod management technologies that improve the ecological impact of your business by reducing consumption and maximizing energy efficiency.

The right solution for every need

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