Coolibrì was founded in 2015 using technical expertise built up in 25 years in the Italian industrial automation sector.

Coolibrì is now one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of industrial ventilation systems, producing innovative solutions for moving large volumes of air and providing a complete aftersales service.

Coolibrì creates value in the livestock farming sector and works constantly to achieve objectives that deliver success:

  • It supports farmers in improving animal welfare with the aim of ensuring high product quality;
  • It guarantees customer satisfaction by supplying uniquely effective, stylish climate control products, tailored to the farmer’s real needs and requirements;
  • It supplies specialized market research and consulting with a team of professionals highly skilled in designing «COOL» ventilation solutions with fresh, new ideas.

All products are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards for outstanding safety conformed of European conformity certifications

Coolibrì ventilation is also used in:

  • industry for destratification for improved heating and cooling,
  • small businesses to save energy in winter and optimize resources,
  • homes for a more comfortable indoor climate,
  • sports areas and centers for air circulation,
  • exhibition centers,
  • logistics and perishable
  • goods storage facilities,
  • outdoor events areas.




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