Pulsar II

IE5 synchronous motor
Designed to last
High energy saving


Pulsar fans are chosen to improve conditions in a sultry environment, acting decisively and surprisingly quietly. Designed to be powerful, they offer versatilitỳ and energy-efficient performance while standing out with the elegance of Coolibri’s signature fan style.

Permanent magnet motor

The latest generation permanent magnet motor with superior efficiency, gives the fans very high level performance with noise reduced to a minimum and high reliability. The compact size combined with integrated electronics and IP65 protection allow installation in most environments and conditions.

Design and materials

Streamlined design cleaned up by fasteners with aesthetic peculiarities that differ from competitors.

The screws specifically designed for maximum tightness and implemented in a refined high-resistance polymer cover, offer elegance and safety. The particular design allows quick and simple assembly.

Shape and size

Profile designed for high performance, machined from single extrusion so without problematic additional flaps. The specific profile shape is optimized over the length of the blade.

Available in :





Painted steel impeller produced by unique machining, characterized by exceptional strength and safety in sealing on the hub and single blade.
Available in standard 5-spoke version or 6-spoke version upon request.


Galvanized steel hub with built-in fall arrest system for maximum safety.


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