Our products

We design and develop ventilation, cooling and photoperiod management technologies that improve the ecological impact of your business by reducing consumption and maximizing energy efficiency.

Coolibri solutions for ventilation

We design and manufacture fans that maximize effectiveness and efficiency. The discriminating element among Coolibri fan series is configured in the equipped motor and by the intended use.


We design and manufacture destratifiers and ducts that maximize performance and efficiency.

By drawing in new air from the openings and redistributing it throughout the room, we break up the stratifications of hot and unhealthy static air, the cause of serious sanitation consequences, preventing critical thermal stress.

The advantage of Coolibri ceiling fans, called destratifiers, is that they move high amounts of air that are distributed radially in the environment, reaching all animals evenly and deeply.


When the goal to be achieved is a continuous flow of air through the entire building, the type of fans to choose falls on “ducts.”

Vertical installation with slight inclination ensures a longitudinal displacement that at the same time intervenes on the animal and presses on the next fan.
In this way, the air sucked in from the outside completely replaces the stale and stagnant indoor air.

Our cooling solutions

Coolibri supplies and installs low-pressure cooling systems made with stainless steel piping and brass suction nozzles for a professional and long-lasting solution.

Reduce the impact of your breeding

Automatically activated by Coolibrì control devices, they integrate seamlessly with ventilation, leaving the end user with complete parameterization of timing and operating rates.

The comparison highlights water savings of 38 percent with the use of the iBOX control unit and at least a 52 percent if the system is complete with Coolibrì sensors;
appreciable not only in terms of cost, but also for more functional resource management without wasting energy and water!

Photoperiod management

Proper management of the variation of light and dark periods can benefit dairy cows in many ways, from milk production to fertility.

Make breeding more effective

Photoperiod management is a tool that current technology can make available to the farmer and that, thanks to our solutions, can improve herd conditions and make production more efficient.
The result to be achieved is to increase lactation, but above all to obtain a better fertility management distributed over the entire year, thus avoiding the stacking of cows put in dry during the stressful summer periods and the consequent loss of production in subsequent lactations.

Coolibri control units

Coolibri controllers are currently the most innovative product that the ventilation market can offer for remote management of all the parameters of different systems.

With iBOX you can have your own Coolibri cloud platform.

  • One always accessible multi-plant control panel;
  • Analysis of environmental conditions over time;
  • Timely forwarding of plant alarms;
  • Plant statistics archive.

The right solution for every need