Who we are

We design and develop ventilation, cooling and photoperiod management technologies, contributing to the improvement of production performance of companies and maximizing energy efficiency for a more responsible ecological impact.

Fabbrica Coolibrì

Our company

Coolibrì was founded in 2015, bringing with it the technical know-how gained in 25 years of activity in the Made in Italy industrial automation sector. For years, we have been creating innovative solutions for the movement of large volumes of air, offering also a complete after-sales service.

From the beginning, our mission has been to offer complete and customized solutions to ensure environmental comfort through intelligent management. Our goal is to reconcile the needs of comfort with the demands of economic production.

We want to continuously improve ourselves by researching products and solutions that are better adapted to new market needs while always offering the best for our customers.


Coolibri designs and builds systems intended to last by paying close attention to reliability and sustainability.


Since our founding in 2015, we have maintained our reputation as a reliable partner. Our carefully selected network of independent distributors is committed to providing dedicated service and expertise. We also provide thorough after-sales support to ensure timely maintenance even remotely.

Durability over time

Our modern approach combines energy-efficient solutions and quality components. All of our products are tested to ensure maximum reliability. We strive to be the ideal partner for our customers, providing optimally functioning items that stay ahead of the times.


Our energy-saving motors in the ventilation field have an excellent performance/consumption ratio. Our products also aim to reduce water consumption to improve environmental impact. We manage all stages of our production and logistics with a keen eye on the environment.

Case study in animal husbandry

We specialize in animal welfare, and our goal is to offer the best certified solutions to improve the quality of work and the farmer’s profit.
Our added value lies in our in-depth knowledge of the livestock sector and experience gained in the field.

We design and build facilities that are intended to last, increase animal welfare and production, and save money so as to increase the sustainability of livestock farming.


In-house design and production

Coolibri products represent the best the market has to offer in our field. Every tiny detail is designed to improve performance and reliability: we design and manufacture our products to last and to meet customer expectations and needs.

Attention to detail and great industry knowledge are what characterizes us and allows us to think and design the best products.

We aim to continuously improve the quality of our products so as to increase customer satisfaction. This drives us to experiment with cutting-edge solutions to meet customers’ current needs with an eye to the future.

Research and innovation

Research and innovation are in our DNA. We have the curiosity to think innovatively and the power to make it real at all levels. We want to improve people’s lives by turning new ideas into unique and valuable solutions.

The opportunity to improve lives with what we do fuels our motivation every day. The desire to create something new together with our customers, such as customizing a product to meet a particular requirement, is by no means something new to us. We translate customer needs into products, based on a deep understanding of the market.

Collaborating to stay abreast of constantly changing trends is the essence of what we do. For us, innovation is not individual work, but is based on collaboration, knowledge sharing and team spirit.