Smart illumination system for photoperiod

Coolibrì features the latest electronic technologies suitable for the realisation of intelligent lighting systems that meet the requirements for manipulating the photoperiod.


Each kit is customised, starting from the preliminary inspection and the following lighting-technical calculation: the use of a dedicated professional software, an instrument through which before the lighting system is made, enables to see the result in advance and understand the light behaviour in that particular space.

The position and the number of lighting corpses get defined in order to optimize the yield with the right cost.


The Coolibrì customized LED lamps have all the necessary features for the installation of variable intensity lighting systems with the correct colour temperature in order to achieve the best expected results at low cost. The body in steel sheet stained with epoxypolyester powders and the diffuser in flat transparent tempered glass which can be easily cleaned, guarantee high quality standards and long life.

The Coolibrì photoperiod package is completed with all the necessary sensors to constantly monitor the environmental conditions and make the activity of the lights automatic and autonomous.




The potential of the Coolibrì i-Box control unit, thanks to a simple system design and an intuitive interface, offer the end user maximum use versatility to manage the lighting of one or more rooms according to his own needs, even remotely.

The software of our own creation allows the light activation according to the photoperiod dictates respecting the light/dark rates suggested to improve production, fertility and cattle health.

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For more information about the photoperiod please read the post at the following link.

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