An ally against heat stress

Heat stress in dairy cattle causes difficulties in eliminating heat becoming from metabolism with a consequent increase in respiratory rate and water ingestion, reduction in food intake and metabolic activity which results in loss of production efficiency and reproductive performance ( low fertility, embryonic mortality …).

The first intervention necessary is to mitigate the negative effects through the installation of fans to help animals to reduce the body heat.

In periods of intense heat, to supporting the ventilation, it is advisable to use cooling systems with low-pressure showers placed along the feed lane, on the rack, and / or in the most critical areas of the herding animals such as the feeding room, waiting room before milking.


The correct combination in using of ventilation and cooling allows the evaporation of the water sprayed on the skin of the cows, with relative lowering of the body temperature and consequent improvement of well-being conditions.

The mitigation of the heat stress through an intensive cooling in summer, brings positive effects, which extend beyond the season with estimates of a 10% increase in the annual milk production compared to the farms where the cows are not properly refreshed.

Coolibrì supplies and installs low pressure cooling systems, which, thanks to the choice of materials, such as stainless steel pipes and brass sprinkler nozzles, guarantee a professional and long-lasting solution.

Activated automatically by Coolibrì control unit, which integrate perfectly with the ventilation, leaving the end user with complete parameterization of the timing and rhythms of the operations.

The Coolibrì cooling systems, thanks to intelligent management with i-Box control unit and innovative systems, are characterized by a guarantee of high water savings.

A system with Coolibrì control units allows to decrease / increase the sprinkling with the variation of the perceived stress (THI), minimizing consumption when not necessary, moreover excluding the hours of operations during the milking and the night hours, thanks to the activation timers.

The innovative Coolibrì sensor system (which can also be applied to existing plants) through the use of presence detectors, maximizes the savings by activating the sprinkling system only in the areas where the animals are stationed and therefore only where and when it is really necessary.



To give an importance of the savings, was made a comparison between a standard system and a Coolibrì system without and with presence sensors.

It was calculated, that the consuption of water, resulting from the reading of the real climatic conditions recorded in the period May-October 2019 of an average rack system (80 m.).

The difference in the consumptions is given by the number and duration of the sprinklers, which starting with the same THI, but differ in the activation times and hours; moreover a standard system, keeps the wetting duration and the pause between sprinkling, constant throughout all the day regardless of perceived temperatures.



The comparison, shows a water saving of 38% with only the use of the Coolibrì i-Box control unit and at least 52% * if the system is complete with Coolibrì presence sensors; appreciable not only in terms of costs, but also for a more functional management of resources without wasting energy and water!

*:Estimating a constant presence of animals in ¾ of the rack; in the absence of animals, the savings are theoretically equal to 100% !


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